Schumann's Forest Scenes

The Bird as Prophet
      "The Bird As Prophet" by Katherine Harpin

You'd better watch out!

These were the original words inscribed on "The Bird as Prophet," the most famous of the nine pieces from Forest Scenes. The warning in the music is not diabolical, but complex and thoughtful. The music is complex; it took me quite a few versions to figure out which instrument to assign to the different melodies.

After having done all the versions, I was able to record the two selections quite quickly. Unexpectedly I had an hour and a half to record in J.P. The results of that session are presented here.

Prophet Bird


There can be no doubt about Schumann's conclusion; the whole trip/forest experience could not have been more fantastic or meaningful. One young listener thought the music was like ballet music. Just recording the piece makes me smile.

Though not one of Schumann's most famous pieces, it was one of his last great pieces and Schumann himself thought highly of it. Its evocative nature suggests dances, paintings, stories...

I recorded the entire piece "live" then added instruments using 5-8 tracks.

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