The greatest composer (at least according to the NY Times), JS Bach has written some of his greatest pieces for the organ. Morton Plays most of them, as well as the organ music of Franck, Vierne and Messiaen. He has had a request to play Debussy; it has been interesting to add a pedal part to the piano music.

Morton has a wide piano repertoire and has played many chamber music concerts; he's played with BSO cellists Sato Knudsen and Andrew Le Carme and baritone Robert Honeysucker. Please keep Morton in mind for chamber music!

In a summertime concert with the theme "Encounters with the Classics," a Bach duet became a trio, a Messiaen piece had a countrabass sound instead of pedals, a Debussy piece about rain added a drum machine (this piece was requested as an encore), and the program ended with a 14th century love song by Machaut (translated).

Morton is working on a small orchestration of Schumann's "Forest Scenes." The horn calls of the opening piece titled "Entry" signal to listeners that they are entering a magical place. These wonderful nine pieces, though piano pieces, seem to contain many other orchestral ideas; the orchestration can bring out the ideas that are already there. I hope you are interested!

For more information, Please contact Morton Hyams.